Discover what is the difference between web hosting and cloud computing and why they have become an essential part of the IT industry!

Web hosting usually refers to using a server to host a site. This web hosting service allows the website to go live and appear on the internet and let online users see the text and pictures offered on that specific site. The web hosting used to be just a plain hosting of a website.  Click Free Domains

However, today, besides web hosting there is a cloud computing or cloud hosting. This term probably sounds new to you, but you may be actually using it without your knowledge.

Let’s see what cloud hosting actually is and what the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting is.

What is the Difference between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to a huge computer infrastructure that Google uses in most of the operations including the search engines as well. Google is known as a pioneer in cloud hosting.

When someone says cloud hosting, it usually refers to a site that is being hosted by a group of servers. By using this method, more than one server offers support to the website’s online operations by giving it more power and lowers the chances of a crash or some other server-related issues. The site takes advantage of various servers in managing its hardware resources, security features, and load balance in a real time.

With cloud hosting, the site can expand very quickly. This is harder when using a single server or shared server as they have certain limitations. The website owners can experience lesser problems when using the cloud hosting option.

The costs are also lower when using cloud hosting, which is a major advantage. The reason for this is because the cloud hosting providers charge users for every use. In other words, only the quantity of the computing power is important. There is no need to reserve power for a certain server as the cloud hosting providers can meet the requirements of the website easily and on time.

A Final Word

Web hosting and cloud computing have become an essential part of the IT industry. However, the startup companies today are choosing cloud hosting rather than building their own data centers or IT infrastructure as this can be an extremely expensive process.

So, leave your server needs to these type of services and pay only for the computing power you use. How to Make Extra Money by Buying and Selling Cheap Domains

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