An entrepreneur, who lives his dreams and fulfills his goals, has a fire burning inside to make things happen. However, you don’t always get the same passion from your employees. If you offer regular incentives, but that’s not what builds a healthier workplace, you might need to motivate your team.

To help you out, we list the top team motivation techniques that are creative and cheap.

1. Set goals for incentives

If you set goals like it’s a game or a competition they need to accomplish, they feel like putting in their best. For instance, just like race if you ask your employees to get a job done, within a certain time, and then you decide you did it better and offer rewards accordingly. They get a chance to prove and bring out better productivity.

2. Show them your trust

One of the vital team motivation techniques is to make your employees believe that you trust them and their capabilities. When you tell them that they are fit for a task, they try to manage their way through. When work goes beyond their limits, they will remember your trust and add some more effort for your reliability.

3. Reduce weekly goals

Schedule your work requirements in short spans of time, preferably on a weekly basis. Assign them what they need to do, but make sure that you don’t overburden anyone. There can be rough times which need more productivity, but that too should be made up with bonuses or incentives.

4. Give them a purpose

Tell your employees what you want from your company and from them, so that they have a better vision. This not only helps them see your goals but also helps them cope up with what they are asked for. When you give them the purpose of their work, then they know how they fit into your picture.

5. Be positive

One of the priceless things which you can’t buy is positivity! To motivate your team, you have to stay motivated through your direst of times. Enthusiasm is the key that keeps everybody ticking through when things go wrong. When positivity reflects from your behavior, they absorb the same and feel more confident.

6. Work-life balance

People have a sharper concentration at work when they have their personal life sorted. Let an employee go home early if it’s his anniversary and you really don’t need him to be around at the later hours. If you give them their space and let them have work-life balance, they tend to be more productive at work.

7. Know what makes your team tick

Everyone has their own set of aspirations and accomplishments. In order to motivate your team, you need to know what motivates them. It could be things apart from work, for example, if someone says he wants to save enough to travel the world, you tell him how much he’d have to work to reach that goal. It doesn’t always have to be related to work, but if it is, it might be about their brighter future.

In conclusion

To motivate your team at its best, let them have their say in the interest of your business. This not only gives you better ideas and options, but let them feel that they have an authority too. Let your employees lead and takeover decisions that you could rely on them with. You might watch then come up with ideas you would have never had yourself. And at the end of the day, that’s the very goal of working together as a team.


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